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At 4:30PM we develop mobile patient monitoring solutions for clinicians on the move. We currently have two mobile health applications, Results Tracker ™ and our Mobile Patient Wristband Reader.

Results Tracker ™ is our mobile application designed to provide pathology results for clinicians that need up to the minute information on the wellbeing of their patients.

Mobile Patient Wristband Reader is an application that we developed which makes use of Casio’s barcode reader technology, to provide a range of services from Radiology and Theatre events to Phlebotomy.

Results Tracker ™

Results Tracker ™ is our pathology results patient monitoring application that we have designed for use on mobile devices, built for clinicians who need to be kept up to date in real-time regarding their patients’ wellbeing. It provides clinicians with electronic pathology result data in graphical format.

Results Tracker ™ has many applications, for example; consultants monitoring multiple patients, GPs wanting to monitor high risk patients at home, nurses on home visits, Hospital at Night medical staff and diabetes clinics to name but a few.

Results Tracker ™ comes enabled with a ‘Bed Watch’ monitoring tool that enables clinicians to select patients they wish to target for specific monitoring. It includes timed alerts or reminders that can be set for significant events, such as medications due or review of vital signs.

Results Tracker ™ is a highly secure, robust remote patient monitoring solution that connects clinicians to their patients through a Wi-Fi or 3G network; this could be a tablet P.C, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Android device.

Key Features
  • Secure receipt and transmission of key patient data via VPN or Hospital network
  • Supports HL7 messaging protocols
  • Bed Watch patient monitoring
  • Easy Patient Search
  • User defined alerts
  • Supports multiple users per device
  • Can be integrated into Hospital messaging system
  • Security
  • Complies with the NHS security standards
  • Highly secure with 128 bit encryption
  • Application device registration mandatory
  • Inactivity timer that locks the application down after 3 minutes of inactivity
  • Application locked after three failed password attempts
  • Device security must be enabled for the application to function

Mobile Patient Wristband Reader

Our Mobile Patient Wristband Reader application has been developed utilising Casio’s barcode reader technology. Unlike other scanners that typically rely on a fixed station, we have taken advantage of Casio’s WiFi enabled range of devices to upload and download data from a hospital’s network through an integration system, and transmit HL7 messages in standard format with hospital application systems.

Our Patient Wristband Reader is able to provide services for:

  • Distribution of medicines, complete with audit trail
  • Radiology and Theatre events
  • Transfers and Discharge summaries
  • Phlebotomy
  • Patient Observations

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